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Bill and Tammy Burgemeister established Island Style Bamboo in 2007 because they wanted to give both home and business owners a long lasting alternative to natural bamboo. 

Bill Burgemeister, one of the founding owners of Island Style Bamboo, has owned and operated a successful plumbing business on the island of Maui since 1992.  Burgemeister Pacific Plumbing Contractors not only service the island of Maui but all of the Hawaiian Islands. 

Bill’s plumbing company has primarily served high end developers, general contractors and owner/builders in new construction providing professional plumbing, gas and solar installations.  Throughout the years his plumbing company has installed numerous gas tiki torch systems for many homeowners and establishments.  As an additional service to his clients Bill sought out a bamboo vendor and purchased product on behalf of his clients to install on their tiki torches. The natural bamboo looked fine for a short while, however, within a year it would start to crack, peel, split, discolor, and often develop a fungus or become infested with insects. 

The fast deteriorating natural bamboo put Bill and his wife Tammy on the hunt for a high quality faux bamboo for their customers. The problem was that all of the faux bamboo on the market was of very poor quality. In short, it all looked like a cheap replica of natural bamboo. The coloring was off, the choices were limited, and the finish did not hold up well under the harsh tropical sun, rain, irrigation systems and rough treatment from landscape workers.  

Island Style Bamboo was formed with this in mind. Bill and Tammy set about developing a faux bamboo product that their customers would be proud to have in and around their spectacular homes and estates. After much experimentation with manufacturing processes and finishing methods, they are now able to offer you a lustrous, long lasting, weather resistant, faux bamboo.  You can now have the beautiful, tropical look of natural bamboo in a variety of colors that will stay pristine for many years to come. 

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