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Tiki Torch Sleeves
One of the most common uses of our faux bamboo is tiki torch sleeving. Sleeving your tiki torches in faux bamboo will enhance your tropical setting much more than natural bamboo. One of the many advantages in using faux bamboo is that you get to the select size and color. We normally stock various sizes and colors ranging from golden yellow to mocha brown. However, if you want something a little different, green, red, black, or even blue, we will make it for you.

Our faux bamboo can be easily drilled to accommodate gas valves for tiki heads.

Tiki Torch Gas Valve Tiki Torch Gas Valve

Faux bamboo is very durable. It repels the harmful effects of sunlight, rain and insects. It does not delaminate, peel, go gray or rot.

Natural bamboo that is starting to deteriorate, fade, split and crack…

Old Bamboo cracked bamboo aged Bamboo

With Island Style Faux Bamboo, you’ll never have to worry about your bamboo looking like this.