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Bamboo Uses

Island Style Bamboo is manufactured from PVC pipe, so it is hollow all the way through.  It can be used freestanding or can be used to sleeve or trim metal or wood. You can cut our faux bamboo lengthwise for ease of use in trim applications. We can also have your order pre-cut for you prior to shipping if you wish. There are literally hundreds of ways that Island Style Bamboo can be used to decorate and improve your RESORT, HOTEL, HOME, EXPO STAND, OFFICE, WEDDING, PHOTO SHOOT, STAGE, LUAU GROUNDS, or PARTY. This product is also perfect for staging TELEVISION AND MOVIE SETS due to its durability, and the fact that it can be used multiple times.

Other uses of faux bamboo:
• Thatch Umbrellas
• Exterior Shower Pipe Sleeves
• Fencing
• Tiki Bars
• Gates
• Ceilings
• Trim Work
• Decorative Accents
• Signage
• Rain Gutters
• Downspouts
• Interior/Exterior Bamboo Forests
• Interior/Exterior Towel Bars
• Sleeve Electrical Cables or Wires
• Sleeve Risers for Landscape Lighting

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